NFL Prediction Win-Loss Ratio

AFC west league is kind of ruled by the Kansas City Chiefs are they are on their way for the fourth title. Los Angeles Chargers comes second as they won 12 games in the last NFL season. Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders ranks last with losing more than 10 games in the last two seasons. The stats can change for Raiders and others after making the new deals at the start of this year. Here are the NFL predictions for Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers and Broncos in the AFC West League.

Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Prediction Win-Loss Ratio Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs has been constantly performing well with five continuous league title wins under Andy Reid. Patrick Mahomes replaced Alex Smith and now the Chiefs have become the true contenders for the next Super Bowl. Even though Mahomes has just played one season, he is already called as the best quarterback in NFL and can win the MVP title soon. The final numbers depend on how well the defense side of Chiefs can sack up their opponents.

Predictions: 10.5 Wins (-110 Over/-110 Under)

Los Angeles Chargers

NFL Prediction Win-Loss Ratio Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers has always been a constant team and in the last season they played above average. Philip Rivers and others made it possible for the Chargers to win more than 10 games. It is expected that the Chargers can repeat the same magic again but there is a problem of injured players. Russell Okung and Derwin James will miss most of the NFL 2019 season due to injuries and it can weaken their offense system.

Predictions: 9.5 Wins (-130 Over/+105 Under)

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos are looking strong and can have more than .500 in the next season due to their defense. Vic Fangio, the new head coach has made best efforts to improve the defensive side of Broncos. The team will make sure they don’t repeat their previous mistakes where they gave away easy games against teams such as Chiefs, Texans and Browns. Joe Flacco needs a better defensive and he could change the game for Broncos in the next season.

Predictions: 7 Wins (-105 Over/-115 Under)

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders are going through the worst phase of their career as they are not winning any games. To add it to their list of problems, Antonio Brown is creating most of the troubles over a helmet ban. The Raiders gave away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper in exchange for Brown and now he is not even attending practice sessions. There are high chances that the Raiders will repeat the same losing more than 10 games thing in 2019 also.

Predictions: 6.5 Wins (+165 Over/-195 Under)