NFL regular season is about to start in a few weeks and most of the teams are making big changes in their roster. While others are busy in making new deals, Denver Broncos have a different strategy. Vic Fangio, the head coach of Broncos is not at all interested in making any trade deals.

It is why he is always seen in gray sweats and even had to borrow a tie from Chicago Bears head George McCaskey during an event. One thing is clear that Fangio loves comfort and familiarity and maybe both are connected with each other. The defense side of Broncos is on the line and Fangio wants the same old players even in the next season.

Fangio on Familiarity and Trust

Fangio Stratregy

It is not just about the players only, Fangio doesn’t even want to change the staff members and coaches. The new defensive quality coaches, Mike Hiestand, and Nathaniel Willingham are the only names that don’t have a previous connection with Broncos of Fangio. Ed Donatell, Brandon Staley, Reggie Herring, Bill Kollar, Chris Beake and Renaldo Hill have some sort of previous associations with the team. Here is what Fangio has to say on trust and familiarity in the Broncos team.

[blockquote footer=”Vic Fangio,, head coach of Denver Broncos”]I trust those guys, they are my partners and we can work very well together. If a new group is formed, it takes a lot of time to adjust. We want a team that can tackle well and that is only possible if everyone knows each other well. The main goal is to become the No. 1 defense team in the NFL.[/blockquote]

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Strategy for NFL 2019 Season

Next Game Strategy

The technique is very simple as they are approaching the smallest things with utmost care. Fangio is aware of the Denver Broncos problems where they missed the goal line by a few inches. He will make sure that nothing like that repeats in the next NFL season.

Last season, Broncos lost a lot of games due to penalties and it was their biggest problem. It is important to play clean football, otherwise, a team is their own enemy. The Broncos needs it right now and also sort out their defense and make it their strong zone for NFL 2019 season.

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