NFL Predictions New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs

NFL 2019 season starts on Sunday and it is time to predict the league matches and AFC division titles. New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 2019 and are also looking strong for the next season. Kansas City Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes who can change things for the team.

Indianapolis Colts lost Andrew Luck due to his retirement but still looks strong. Cleveland Browns are also doing great and have a huge potential. Here are the NFL predictions for Patriots, Browns, Colts and Chiefs will be Winners of AFC division titles in 2019 NFL season.

AFC East: New England Patriots

NFL Predictions New England Patriots

New England Patriots are the king of AFC division with winning the league title for the last 10 years. Despite the retirement of Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots have loaded their team with talented players such as N’Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers. Dolphins, Bills and Jets might have rebuilt their teams but there is no way they can challenge the Patriots for AFC East title until Tom Brady is not retired.

AFC North: Cleveland Browns

NFL Predictions Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns were nothing two years ago and now they are the favorites to win AFC North title in 2019 season. The rookie quarterback Bayer Mayfield has changed the entire course of Browns with record 27 passing touchdowns in 2018 season.

The Browns have also signed Odell Beckham Jr. as their star wide receiver and he along with Kareem Hunt have favored the odds towards the team. Steelers are the only time that can give them a tough fight as the Ravens and Bengals will probably end at the bottom of the table.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts

NFL Predictions Indianapolis Colts

AFC South is the most unpredictable division with all the four teams having a shot at the league title. Indianapolis Colts will be missing Andrew Luck but Jacoby Brissett can turn out as the perfect replacement. Brian Hoyer from the Patriots is also ready to use his experience and take the Colts to playoffs with leading the AFC South division.+

Texans have made some stupid deals which can turn out bad for them. Titans and Jaguars can give some tough fight but ultimately Colts will come on top in the league.

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Predictions Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers are the only teams in AFC West that posses a real claim to the league title. Broncos and Raider have a combined total of 10 victories in the last season and the same can repeat even in 2019 season. Patrick Mahomes is the game-changer for Chiefs and his talks of winning the second MVP title is enough for them to win the AFC West division title.