NFL Rumors: Tom Brady Retirement from Patriots Status Confirmed

    Tom Brady Retirement New England Patriots NFL

    Tom Brady was almost confirmed to leave the New England Patriots team in his NFL career. It is still not clear whether he will retire from the game or join some other team. The news also started to get traction as Brady listed his Boston mansion on sale and everyone assumed he is leaving Patriots.

    In terms of deals, Brady signed a two year, $70 million contract extension with the Patriots. It has increased his salary to $23 million in 2019 and $30 million for the year 2020. Along with that, there are clauses to leave the team in any year or negotiate the deal value. Brady himself has come forward to explain the reasons for selling his house and how it doesn’t mean retirement or exit from the Patriots.

    Why is Boston Mansion at Sale?

    Tom Brady Retirement Mansion on Sale

    Most of the trade and sports experts assumed that Brady putting his mansion in Boston for sale means retirement. The deal with Patriots is higher than the value of the house and it negates the whole notion. One would think Tom Brady putting his Boston mansion for sale at $39.5 million could mean he will move out from New England Patriots soon.

    Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen are already preparing for their life after his whole NFL career is over. The 3 time NFL MVP himself has explained that the house is very expensive and it will take some time to find a buyer. Apart from that, all other speculations are wrong and there is no other reason.

    Brady does not want to Retire

    No Retirement for Tom Brady Patriots

    Tom Brady was quite smart in his words and said that he likes playing for the Patriots and would continue to do the same. He wants to play till the age of 45 and it all depends on how the next two NFL season goes. Brady just celebrated his 42nd birthday and it is not sure how long he can continue being an NFL quarterback.

    Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick from New England Patriots have very good relations with Brady and his family. As for right now, Tom is just focusing on his game and will retire when his number drops or he feels physically unfit. The next season of NFL will start soon and it will be a test of Brady’s abilities.


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