NFL Rumors: Jets vs. Patriots Rivalry Gets Heated as Sam Darnold Refuses to Wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to Tom Brady

    NFL Jets vs Patriots Sam Darnold Tom Brady

    NFL is an intense game, and player often gets into fights on and off the ground. Yet most of the players respect each other as after all its just a game and they are doing their job. Tom Brady is a respectable name in NFL who has been playing for the New England Patriots since the last two decades. Sam Darnold, the latest rookie from the New York Jets, doesn’t seem to understand the fact and kind of disrespected him after their recent game.

    Darnold has been a quarterback for the Jets who are slowly gaining a lot of popularity. It is why he was asked to record a birthday message for the 42nd birthday of Tom Brady on last Saturday, August 3. But Darnold straight up refused, and here are the reasons which can make the Jets vs. Patriots rivalry intense.

    Darnold on the Birthday Message to Brady

    Jets vs. Patriots Tom Brady Sam Darnold

    While most of the people think Darnold wanted to disrespect Tom Brady, he had something else in his mind. In a recent interview, Darnold cleared his side to the world on the whole ‘happy birthday message’ issue. Here is what Darnold had to say on the reasons why he didn’t sing a birthday wish for Brady.

    That is it man, I know what I have to do for the game. I am not going to miss any competitive edge over him, and I am sure even he will do the same. He is my competition and also someone whom I look up to and want to become when I am of his age. In order to chase the dream, I can’t give him anything, not even a birthday message.

    New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

    Jets vs Patriots

    The whole thing was created for the upcoming battle of Jets vs. Patriots in the months of September and October. New England Patriots have always topped the NFL league tables, but it might not continue for long. Tom Brady is planning to retire or move to some other team, and the Patriots will have a tough time after that.

    Meanwhile, Sam Darnold is doing great for the team of the New York Jets. He set the Jets rookie record with 2,865 yards and 17 touchdowns in the last NFL season. There are high chances that the Jets defeat the Patriots in the next NFL series.


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