NFL Brian Hoyer Deal Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Replacement

Indianapolis Colts are in big trouble even since Andrew Luck announced his retirement before the 2019 NFL season. While the regular season games are started, the Colts doesn’t have a solid quarterback and the backup Jacoby Brissett also needs support. The latest name suggested is Brian Hoyer from New England Patriots who was recently cut out of the team in roster cuts.

The Patriots replaced Hoyer with the fourth-round pick Jarret Stidham and it has garnered everyone’s interest in him. Rumors suggest that almost 6 teams are in talks with Hoyer and the Colts seems to be the most plausible destination.

Hoyer is Perfect to replace Luck

Colts and Hoyer Meet

Brian Hoyer seems to be a smart choice as the Colts needs to replace Andrew Luck and not some backup quarterback. In his 10 season career, Hoyer started 37 games and thrown for 48 touchdowns, along with 30 interceptions. The Patriots decided to remove Hoyer on the suggestion of Tom Brady and otherwise there is no difference with the two sides.

It is also reported that Hoyer met with the Colts side and the two have agreed on a new trade deal. Chad Kelly, the backup quarterback of Indianapolis is currently suspended for two games and has not proved anything otherwise. The Colts won’t wait much and sign Hoyer as soon as possible so that he can play in the upcoming regular season.

Trade deal with the Patriots

Brian Hoyer as Luck Replacement

New England Patriots still have time to retain Brian Hoyer as their coach Bill Belichick has hinted. The whole ordeal to cut out Hoyer was just a roster management decision and they have very good relations with the quarterback.

Andrew Luck surprised everyone with his sudden retirement and the Colts side is making hefty rounds since then. The search for a new quarterback is still going on and each day a new name is linked with the team. Hoyer makes a lot of sense and we hope that the trade deal comes to fruition.