Andrew Luck Replacements

Andrew Luck announced his retirement at just the age of 29 years and the whole world is in shock. Indianapolis Colts are in big trouble as Luck still had three years left on his contract and they need a new starting quarterback. Luck was doing great and the Colts had good chances at the playoffs.

Indianapolis team needs to find a suitable replacement for Luck before the 2019 NFL season starts. Here are the possible Luck replacements as Jacoby Brissett, Jameis Winston, Josh Rosen and Justin Herbert.

Jacoby Brissett

Andrew Luck Replacements Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett has always been used as the backup QB to whenever Luck was injured. It is time that the Colts finally give him the full responsibility of leading the team in 2019 NFL season. Brissett had solid numbers with 193.6 passing yards per game, 13 touchdown passes, and 58.8 percent completion rate. As Jacoby is in the final year of his contract, the Colts should offer him a raise and extend his contract.

Jameis Winston

Andrew Luck Replacements Jamies Winston

Jamies Winston is a popular name in Tampa Bay Buccaneers who is the final year of his rookie contract. Despite his up and down performance, Winston is a talented player who can get the job done by proper coaching. The Colts should offer him a contract and bring him in to replace Luck. Winston can stay healthy and would be a great addition to the offensive side of the Colts.

Josh Rosen

Andrew Luck Replacements Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen has been doing a great job as the starting quarterback in Miami Dolphins and he deserves a better team. The Dolphins are nowhere close to the title and have the worst record in NFL games. Rosen would probably be traded out to try some new players and the Colts could use this opportunity. The Colts could provide Rosen the type of coaching and atmosphere he needs to develop his game and take place of Andrew Luck in the team.

Justin Herbert

Andrew Luck Replacements Justin Herbert

Indianapolis Colts were looking to win the Super Bowl 2020 title but it’s all gone after Andrew Luck left the team. There are high chances that the Colts loses most of the games and might not even make it to the playoffs. In such a case, they get to select the No. 1 overall pick in NFL 2020 draft.

While they picked Luck in the 2012 draft, they could pick his replacement in the next draft. Justin Herbert could be the name that would replace Luck and become the next starting quarterback for the Colts.