NFL Prediction Antonio Brown Super Bowl New England Patriots

Antonio Brown drama has finally ended with leaving the Raiders to sign a one year deal with the New England Patriots. The Patriots are one of the best teams in NFL who won this year’s Super Bowl title. But with the retirement of Rob Gronkowski, their offense suffered a major setback. With Brown in their roster, the Patriots are looking more dangerous than the last season.

Tom Brady has found the best support in the form of Antonio Brown who is in the prime shape of his life. He might stop his recent drama and become a serious player for the rest of NFL 2019 season. The Patriots can’t wait to make a run for another Super Bowl title with Brown as their wide receiver.

No Trouble and Long-Term Deal

Long term deal of Patriots with Brown

The Raiders and Antonio Brown had a lot of issues but now it feels like they were a bluff to get a release from the team. Brown will come clean, have no tantrums and play a serious player for the Patriots. He will keep his head straight and use the newfound opportunity to get a long term deal with the Patriots.

While it may be a risk for any team to offer someone like Brown a long term deal, the Patriots are an entirely different league. Brown is now a Patriot and they stay with the team as long as they play football. Tom Brady is 42 and still plays for the New England Patriots and we hope that Brown does the same.

Super Bowl Title for Antonio Brown

Super Bowl title for Patriots with Brown

Let’s be honest here, the only reason Antonio Brown was acting a fool was to get on a team that can win the Super Bowl 2020 title. The Patriots offered their first and fifth-round picks to the Steelers earlier but they refused to give away Brown to their league opponents.

Brown has no option but to agree for a deal with the Oakland Raiders and then plan out his long move. He started bluffing and acting out like a clown and it worked. Brown is a member of New England Patriots now and both together can claim the next Super Bowl. It is not like Brown needed the Patriots, they also wanted a strong wide receiver.