NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots Release

Antonio Brown was seen getting back to his Miami home in his Private Jet and there was a strange sadness on his face. The NFL wide receiver has been fired from two teams in the past few days and on top of that, he’s facing two separate lawsuits of sexual assault. It is so serious that Brown’s entire NFL career is on the line and hence he was depressed.

Despite all the controversies, Brown gave his best on the field for the New England Patriots and yet they released him from the team instead of supporting him. Everyone has started to hate Antonio Brown even before the verdict of investigation, and it can make anyone go into depression. The latest picture of Antonio Brown at Miami airport had sparked a debate that he’s going through a lot and falling into depression after his exit from the Patriots.

No one is Supporting Antonio Brown

No one is supporting Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has every reason to feel bad and people have judged him without any evidence. NFL is currently investigating the sexual assault lawsuit and until Brown is proven guilty, he should be considered as innocent. But everyone is worried about saving their brand image and he’s slowly losing them all.

Nike already canceled their sponsorship deal with Antonio Brown last Wednesday, and now he can’t even wear them. The Raiders and the Patriots removed him from their team and he doesn’t belong to anyone. Despite working hard on the ground and being one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, no one is ready to stand with him. It has taken a toll on his mental health and Antonio Brown is getting more and more depressed each day.

Antonio Brown is Suffering from Depression

Antonio Brown is suffering from depression

Antonio Brown was about to receive $9 million of his signing bonus on Monday from the Patriots. But they released him on Friday which makes him lose all the money. Brown is currently an unrestricted free agent and even though he is eligible to get deals from other teams, it won’t happen till his name is cleared from the sexual assault allegations.

It is also one big reason for Antonio Brown to fall into depression after the Patriots release. The star wide receiver could end up broke without any team or sponsorship deal and live the rest of his life in solitary.