Antonio Brown NFL rape lawsuit

Antonio Brown has been creating issues everywhere he goes and will soon be under a lot of trouble. There are already two sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him and Brown could be soon dragged into court once again. The reason this time won’t be related to NFL grievances for getting his money back from the Patriots and the Raiders but related to breaking the furniture at his landlord’s house.

The owner of Brown’s condo in Miami filed a complaint against the wide receiver for throwing furniture in the swimming pool and damaging his property. While Brown even went to the court for hearings, he behaved very badly and a second complaint has been filed which could land him in jail very soon.

Brown is Not Behaving Well in the Court

Brown is Not Behaving Well in the Court

Antonio Brown sat for a deposition on September 24 in Miami for the settlement of around $35,000 worth of injury at the luxurious condominium at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach. But the lawyer for Brown’s landlord has filed another deposition citing the reasons for his dramatic and egoistic behavior in the courtroom.

First, Brown arrived 20 minutes late, then refused to answer any of the routine questions and was texting throughout the hearing. The lawyer has said that Brown’s behavior was totally frustrating and they need another hearing to solve the matter.

Brown’s Ex-Landlord to File a Lawsuit

Brown's Ex-Landlord to File a Lawsuit

While Brown has been blamed for damaging the $7 million oceanfront condos by his ex-landlord who will now take further legal action. After the reports of sexual allegations against Antonio Brown, everyone who wanted to do the same has been coming upfront and suing the star for one or another reason.

Brown’s previous landlord wants a proper discussion where he behaves like a grown-up man. If Brown somehow again manages to avoid the hearings or misbehave, a lawsuit can be filed for trying to harm the owner’s family and the star wide receiver can end up in jail for a good time.