NFL Melvin Gordon Trent Williams Deal Chargers Redskins

Los Angeles Chargers and Melvin Gordon can’t seem to come on an agreement even near the Week 2 of NFL regular season. The running back is sitting on a holdout and refused the $10 million offer from the Chargers. Gordon wanted something around the range of $13-$15 million after Ezekiel Elliott got the biggest RB deal. There is no way LA Chargers are ready to pay him such a big amount and decided to trade him.

But the problem was no NFL team is ready to give up a first and fifth round pick in exchange for Melvin and the deadline of his rookie contract will be soon be over. There is one team which could make a deal with the Chargers and the deal would be totally balanced. The Washington Redskins could make an exchange for Trent Williams and Melvin Gordon. Although it sounds improbable, it would be the best option for both the teams. Chargers and Redskins can exchange Williams and Gordon and solve the holdout problem.

Melvin Gordon has been Replaced by Austin Ekeler

Melvin Gordon has been Replaced

The Chargers don’t need Gordon anymore which was proved in their season opener game against the Indianapolis Colts. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson rushed for 115 yards with two interceptions. Everyone is praising Ekeler who stepped up in an important game and solved the whole Gordon crisis for the Chargers.

Apart from that, things are not good between Gordon and the team, as contract negotiations were ended a few days ago. When Gordon tried to contact other NFL teams on Instagram, the Chargers felt insulted and refused to offer any kind of deal to Gordon. The Chargers could add Trent Williams in their offensive side and he would fit perfectly in there protecting their quarterback Philip Rivers.

Trent Williams won’t Play for Redskins

Trent Williams and Melvin Gordon Exchange Deal

Trent Williams and Washington Redskins also have similar kind of issues but here the player is angry over the team. The star offensive tackle is not happy with how the Redskins handled his health and doesn’t want to play in there anymore. Williams straight up refused to play in Washington and informed his agent to look for a deal with other teams.

There are many teams interested in Williams, but no one has the assets which Redskins want in exchange. The Redskins would agree to have Melvin Gordon and the two superstars can enter the field soon with totally new teams for a fresh start.