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NFL: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Unhappy With Ezekiel Elliot Contract, Says Zeke Was Overpaid

NFL Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys finally offered Ezekiel Elliot the much-awaited contract extension and it is bigger than we all imagined. The Cowboys on Wednesday morning announced that they have signed Elliot for a new six-year, $90 million contract extension deal with $50 million guaranteed. Zeke already had around $12.9 million left of his two-year rookie deal, which makes the final total more than $100 million.

Jerry Jones, the man behind all this and owner of Dallas Cowboys NFL club came in front of the camera and explained his views over the deal. Although, Jones says Elliot deserves the money but deep down he is not happy with Elliot’s new contract and says he was highly overpaid.

Massive deal for a Running Back

NFL Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot Jerry Jones Highest Paid RB

The whole issues between Ezekiel Elliot and Jerry Jones started when the rich businessman made a joke saying, “Zeke, Who?” after an NFL preseason game. The Cowboys were ready to offer Elliot a contract extension but he wanted the highest deal surpassing $60 million of Todd Gurley and the LA Rams.

NFL running back doesn’t have a long career and hence no one pays them a high price. Zeke getting the massive deal has a lot of factors involved and the primary one is not related to NFL. Jerry Jones recently acquired an energy company whose stocks rose up by 16% and hence he had the money to make Elliot as the highest-paid RB in the history of NFL.

Prescott, Cooper and Elliot

NFL Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot Jerry Jones Offensive Trio

Ezekiel Elliot is further important to the Cowboys as he is one of the best in the game and has amazing numbers. Despite getting suspended in 6 games, Zeke still leads the league in rushing yards with more than 4000 yards and 34 touchdowns. The quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper are also asking for more money and there is no option rather than to pay them.

Prescott, Cooper and Elliot form a solid offensive trio and the Cowboys can’t miss any of them. But since they have paid Elliot so much, the other team members would also want a part of the pie and it would soon become a financial mess for the Dallas Cowboys.

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