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NFL: Dak Prescott Not Getting Any Deals From Cowboys, Despite the Promise from Jerry Jones

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Dak Prescott was supposed to get a new deal from the Dallas Cowboys and despite the NFL Week 5 is close, there is no such development on that. It is not like the Cowboys don’t want to keep him, but they are taking things slow after they lost to the Saints in their last game.

Even though the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saying on record that a deal with Prescott is imminent, it might not happen at all. The reason is simple, the Cowboys and Dak Prescott were not close to a deal in the first place. Both sides are waiting for NFL 2019 season to get over and get a fresh new extension contract for the opening quarterback.

Cowboys and Dak Prescott were Never Close to any Deal

Cowboys and Dak Prescott were Never Close to any Deal

Dallas Cowboys could always use the franchise tag on their best assets, quarterback Dak Prescott and the wide receiver Amari Cooper. There is no way that the Cowboys will allow Prescott to sign a deal with any other team but it doesn’t mean that they have to pay him up right now for that. Even Prescott himself is ready to wait for a better contract extension deal which further proves that he was never close to a deal with the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott is Waiting for Bigger Contract

Dak Prescott is Waiting for Bigger Contract

Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs is rumored to get the biggest quarterback deal in the history of NFL. It has made every opening QB greedy and all of them are waiting for that deal to happen. Dak Prescott from Cowboys and Lamar Jackson from Ravens will surely ask for a hike in their price once Mahomes raises the bar for the NFL quarterbacks.

Prescott himself is not very far behind Mahomes and removing the Saint game, he had the second-best passer rating of 128. It is why Prescott will stay patient for the NFL 2019 season and let his performance speak up for his worth to the Cowboys.

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