Dak Prescott was rumored to get the biggest quarterback deal in NFL from the Dallas Cowboys, but now it looks like that won’t be the case anymore. Cowboys vs Saints Week 4 Sunday game was supposed to be an easy win with Drew Brees out of the game. But the New Orleans Saints won the game despite everything against them.

It has made everyone question the abilities of Dak Prescott and the future of Cowboys. The first three games that the Cowboys won were against the weakest teams which out of which the Dolphins and the Redskins haven’t won a single game. It is now rumored that Prescott won’t be getting a new deal from the Cowboys as they have realized his actual potential.

Cowboys are Nothing against the Stronger Teams

NFL Dak Prescott Trade Deal Cowboys vs Saints  are Nothing against the Stronger Teams

The Cowboys team were dealing with the weakest team till now and as soon as they got someone challenging, they failed badly. Dallas Cowboys will face the Green Bay Packers in their next game and there is no way they can survive against Aaron Rodgers and the company.

Dak Prescott was hailed as the best quarterback after performing against the teams like Giants, Redskins and Dolphins. But the New Orleans Saints have made it clear where does Prescott stand in terms of starting QBs. The Cowboys and Prescott can only perform against the weak teams and they are nothing against the stronger sides.

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Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys have No Deals in Place

Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys have No Deals in Place

Dak Prescott is not getting a new deal or contract extension anytime soon, even though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that a deal is imminent. It is not like things are not good between the two sides but there was never a deal in place.

The Cowboys will pay Prescott but not at the current moment and might wait for the next offseason trade deals. Patrick Mahomes is supposed to get the biggest quarterback deal from the Chiefs and it would inspire others to raise their price too. It is the main reason why Prescott is in no hurry and is simply focusing on his performance for the 2019 NFL season games.