NFL Dallas Cowboys Sants Referee Ezekiel Elliot

Dallas Cowboys lost the NFL Week 4 game against the New Orleans Saint and their fans can’t digest the fact. The Cowboys team after winning the first three games of 2019 NFL season against the weaker teams was overhyped. Fans were so delusional that they thought the duo of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot can take the team to Super Bowl 2020.

But the Saints who were without their starting quarterback Drew Brees defeated the Cowboys. Now the Cowboys vs Saints game is over-analyzed and they are blaming the referees for calling a wrong fumble on Ezekiel Elliot which leads to their defeat.

Wrong Call by Referee on Ezekiel Elliot Fumble?

Wrong Call by Referee on Ezekiel Elliot Fumble

Ezekiel Elliot was running with the ball on the fourth and one when the Saints took possession and the running back fumbled on the ground. There were chances that the call would have reversed if the referee had taken a replay but the game proceeded without any further inspection.

The Cowboys fans are arguing that Zeke was not down and his elbow hit on the ground before he fell. But there is no clear evidence to even that and the Saints got a field goal because of that fumble which gave them 9-3 lead into halftime against the Cowboys.

Cowboys Fans Blames Referee for the Loss

Cowboys Fans Blames Referee for the Loss

The Cowboys fans are reluctant and believe that if the referee had given the decision in favor of Ezekiel Elliot, the game result could have been different. It is true that the Saints couldn’t score a single touchdown with Terry Bridgewater leading them, but neither could Dak Prescott do the same.

Zeke was the only player in the Cowboys vs Saints game to score a touchdown but he just rushed for 35 yards on 18 carries with an average of 1.9. The Cowboys would have lost regardless and are now just looking at excuses to cover their bad performance.