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Cam Newton can soon be out of the Carolina Panthers playing roster if he doesn’t improve his game. Thursday Night Football between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Panthers was the second game where Newton was totally useless. It is not like he is a rookie or doesn’t know how to play but both the starting games were so bad.

The 2015 Super Bowl MVP was barely able to touch the ball during the whole game and it is not something the Panthers management can digest. Newton has zero touchdowns in both the games including the season opener against the Rams and the recent Bucs game. It is time that the Panthers will not take it anymore and replace Cam Newton with someone like Christian McCaffrey.

Cam Newton was a Disaster against the Bucs

Cam Newton was Disaster in Last Game

Newton was so inconsistent in the Thursday Night game against the Bucs that he could not even make a proper pass. His throws were inaccurate and he was not able to move the ball down the field at all. There was no timing, no ball placement and he could not move past the ball rushers at all.

It might be possible that Cam is hiding the effects of his injury and his physical condition is limiting him to stretch. But the Panthers would never take such a risky move and would not have cleared him. Darryl Williams as the offensive tackle made things worse for Newton as he could not save him from the Buccaneers defense.

Panthers to Replace Cam Newton

Replacement for Cam Newton

The Panthers are currently 0-2 in the NFL 2019 season and they need to make some improvements in their roster. They don’t have any quarterback that can match up to Cam Newton and hence they need to make some impromptu decisions.

Christian McCaffrey is the running back for the Panthers who was leading with the ball and they might promote his position soon. Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals is the next game for Week 3 before which the Panthers would make the necessary changes in their roster.