New cancer cure 2019

Scientists and Doctors all around the world are working hard to find a cure for Cancer to help patients. There are some breakthroughs, and we are getting closer and closer to an actual Cancer curing medicine.

In the latest line, researchers from Wisconsin and Texas (US) has published a report on a new Cancer cure derived from a primitive type of fish. Let us look in more detail about the new fish curing Cancer.

Ancient fish Cure

cure for cancer 2019

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Texas located at Austin had jointly published a new study report on Cancer treatment. There is a type of fish called lampreys which deliver therapeutic drugs to the specific part of the brain to targets cancer cells. Lampreys are a primitive type of fish without jaws and are found in fresh and coastal water bodies.

Test Process

cure for cancer 2019

The human body has a macro-molecular cell network called an extracellular matrix (ECM) which when exposed causes Cancer. Scientists are using the same ECM to deliver drugs to a specific part of the brain to target cancer cells.

An antigen called variable lymphocyte receptors (VLR) derived from the lampreys was used in the treatment of glioblastoma (GBM). GBM is a rare type of incurable blood cancer which has very severe effects. As per the study, VLRs can detect the glycans (the type of cancer cells) which are usually untraceable. The test reports are still under curation and a solid lead will be out soon.

Future cure for other Parts

cure for cancer

The same process can be used to cure cancer of other types as per the test reports. As per the hypothesis, the method of targeting ECM through lamprey cells could be a potential to treatment for brain cancer. Currently, we might not have a cure for cancer, but it will be out soon. Research all around the world is going and in the upcoming years, there might be finally a breakthrough.