Cancer has been one of the deadliest diseases in the history of humankind. For many decades, scientists have been trying to figure out the cure for cancer. And yet, we have been unable to rid ourselves of this scourge. But it now seems that a Cancer cure may finally be a reality.

Cure for Cancer

Cancer Cure Breakthrough

Prof. Paul Workman and his team from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, believe they have the answer. The team at ICR is confident that their research can help beat the deadly disease at its own game.

The reason, they say, that Cancer is so dangerous is because of its ability to evolve and mutate. This is the reason that Cancer can develop resistance against drugs. And so, Cancer cells that are not killed by chemotherapy or immunotherapy, mutate into new tumors.
Cure for Cancer

ICR believes the solution is to focus on fighting cancer’s ability to evolve rather than on killing it. By stopping cancer from evolving, they can help control the disease and make it non-life-threatening. They also believe that they can start developing a drug for this within 10-years.

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Making Cancer Manageable

Technically, the drug is not a cure for Cancer but instead a way of making Cancer a manageable disease. ICR’s focus is on long-term survival rather than curing Cancer. It is not a miracle drug, either. Patients will still need a mix of chemotherapy and surgery to deal with Cancer.

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Nevertheless, it is effectively a cure since it will help manage Cancer like any other chronic disease. Similar to how HIV patients continue to live a normal life, cancer patients may soon be able to live with Cancer. Of course, this comes with its own set of problems in terms of the stigma attached to the disease. And yet, it is the closest thing to a cure for Cancer that we have.