NBA Trade deal Kevin Love, D'Angelo Russell, Bradley Beal and Andre Iguodala

NBA free agency is officially over and yet there are a lot of deals which didn’t happen during the week. There are many players and NBA teams who were waiting and might make trade deals after the 1st week of free agency. While most of the big names such as Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard are traded, there are some players who are just an asset that would be exchanged.

Kevin Love in the Cavaliers and D’Angelo Russel in the Warriors will soon be traded out. Even players such and Bradley Beal and Andre Iguodala have a lot of takers, and some sort of deal will be made out. Here are the possible future deals for the mentioned players that can happen soon in the near future.

Kevin Love in Portland Trail Blazers

Kevin Love

The Portland Trail Blazers signed in Hassan Whiteside recently, but there are reports that he will be traded out soon. The Cleveland Cavaliers are rebuilding their team and Kevin Love is up for sale. An exchange between the two teams can be made soon and both the player contracts can be matched easily. The Trail Blazers could use Kevin Love and pair him up with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum for making their team a future contender.

Warriors to trade out D’Angelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell NBA trade Warriors

The Warriors got D’Angelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for the Kevin Durant deal. Even though Russel is a great player, the Warriors team don’t have an opening for him. Russel will probably be traded out by the end of the year, once the time limit is over. Tobias Harris from the Philadelphia 76ers could be a good exchange for Russell and it could benefit both the teams.

Wizards and Nuggets deal for Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal NBA trade deal Wizards and Nuggets

The Washington Wizards are going through a tough time as their John Will is suffering from a ruptured Achilles tendon. As they are forced to rebuild their team, their other star Bradley Beal could be traded out soon. The team of Denver Nuggets could have Beal and pair him up with Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. In exchange, the Wizards could get some young players and make a strong roster for the future years.

Andre Iguodala to be traded out

Andre Iguodala NBA trade deal

Ever since Andre Iguodala was traded out to the team of Memphis Grizzlies, there were reports that he will be moved again. Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks are very much interested in having Iguodala in their teams. The Grizzlies could easily exchange him with Tim Hardaway Jr. from the Mavericks team. While Iguodala won’t do much good the Mavericks, he could teach their young players a lot by his experience