NBA Golden State Warriors DAngelo Russel Kevin Love

The Golden State Warriors lost Kevin Durant to the team of Brooklyn Nets on the first day of free agency. In exchange for Durant, D’Angelo Russel, Shabazz Napier, and others were sent to the Warriors team. But the Dubs team never intended to use Russel in their playing team, and he was just bought in as a bargaining tool.

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As of right now, the Warriors team are actively looking for players to make a solid team. They will trade out D’Angelo Russel as soon as they find a suitable fit for their team. Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavaliers could be one of the names. Here are the reasons why the Warriors can trade out Russel to get Kevin Love instead.

There is no position for Russel

D'Angelo Russel Trade

There are no second thoughts on the ability of D’Angelo Russel, but then again, he is just 23 years old. Russel has a lot to learn, and currently, he lacks the experience of a matured player. As for the shooting from the other side of the court, Russel has only managed to shot with a 36.9% shooting ratio.

While Russel mostly plays at the guard position, the Warriors already have Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry for that post. Russel has the ability to distract the opposing team’s defenders, but then again the Warriors had a lot of players that can do the same job. Overall, D’Angelo Russel has no place in the Warriors squad, as he provides nothing unique to the team.

Kevin Love is a Perfect Fit

Kevin Love Warriors

Kevin Durant has left the Golden State Warriors, and Klay Thompson is suffering from an injury. It is such a time where people are starting to think that the Warriors era is over. Everything can change with Kevin Love in their team; he is as experienced as any big star such as LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard.

The Warriors also have to keep in mind about the future seasons, and not just the NBA 2020 playoffs. Cleveland Cavaliers will not hold Love as he has suffered from many injuries in his past. It is the perfect time for the Warriors to make their move and exchange Russel with Kevin Love.