JR Smith Trade Rumors

JR Smith has been finally released to the open market by the Cavaliers after so many speculations and rumours. While there is no team that has yet come forward to sign Smith, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few days.

Even though the free agency ended last week, a lot of deal will still take place in the NBA before the next season starts.


The LA Lakers might be somewhat interested in JR Smith because of LeBron James. Cleveland Cavaliers was on a high stage when the duo of James and Smith used to play together for them.

While Smith is still in hope for the same magic to happen, the Lakers might differ for a deal. Here is why JR Smith was removed from the Cavs team and his future options in the NBA.

Deal Drama at the Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers got JR Smith from the team of New York Knicks

The Cleveland Cavaliers got JR Smith from the team of New York Knicks in the year 2015 as part of a trade deal. The first four years went very well with the Cavs reaching four continuous finals and winning the first two. But everything changed when LeBron James left the Cavaliers and joined the Lakers. Without his support, Smith alone could not do much for the Cavaliers and his performance declined.

If that was not enough, Smith has also accused the Cleveland team of tanking the team in order to get better future draft picks. The Cavaliers were in no way ready to pay $15.68 million to him, while was only promised a payment of $3.87 million. After extending the contract of JR Smith till November 2018, the Cavs finally released from their team.

Future of JR Smith in NBA

JR Smith and LeBron James in Cleveland Cavilers

The future of Smith is not that bright as he is 33 years old and has not played any official games for a long time. The Lakers might offer him a minimum deal, which he maybe won’t accept. Although the promise of playing with LeBron James again sounds very fun, both of them have gotten old.


If the Lakers refuse Smith for a deal, it will be very difficult for him to find a deal. The Golden State Warriors might offer him the veteran’s minimum and he should actually accept it. The future of JR Smith in NBA is not that bright and he should secure a deal so that he doesn’t end teamless again.