Dwight Howard is another veteran name in the free agency who is having a hard time getting a good deal after free agency. As there were no proper deals, DeMarcus Cousins settled to sign with the Lakers for a mediocre amount. NBA does that with a lot of players if they are old or have a bad season, there is a decline in the offers from other teams.

Howard has been a part of many NBA teams like the Lakers, Rockets, Wizards and was recently traded to the Grizzlies. Now that the Memphis Grizzlies are planning to trade him, Howard had spoken about his choice. The Lakers or Clippers are the preferred teams by Dwight Howard, but a trade deal will be hardly possible.

Dwight Howard on his Future Team

The 33-year-old player Dwight Howard has himself spoken on the matter about his free agency deal. He is very fond of the Los Angeles City and would love to play at the Staples Center again. Here is what Howard has to say on his future NBA team and trade deal.

I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I do love the city of Los Angeles. Staples Center will be very much hot and the time I played there was also so much rocking.

It is not just about the Lakers, the Clippers also have an awesome atmosphere. Even though the Clippers are always called as little brothers to the Lakers, they have made their own name. Players like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul has laid the foundation and Doc Rivers is making it stronger.

Possible Deals for Howard

Dwight Howard wants to go with the Lakers or Clippers

Even though Dwight Howard has previously played for the Lakers and has decent stats, they might not sign him. The last few seasons were not so much great for Howard and his performance is constantly declines. Also, the Lakers have bought too many players in the free agency and are having a hard time to manage it.

DeMarcus Cousins, JaVale McGee, Danny Green, etc are already in the roster of Lakers and they have no position open. There might be some spot for a small forward, but the Lakers can play Andre Iguodala. But there are still some hopes for Howard, as there will be some teams interested for a deal.