NBA DeMarcus Cousins Lakers Free Agency 2019 trade deal

DeMarcus Cousins had a lot of trouble in the free agency to find a good deal and he signed with the Lakers at the end. There was once a team when every NBA team would have wanted Cousins in their squad. But because of his continuous injuries, he had to sign low pay yearly deals for the past two seasons.

The question now remains is whether Cousins can get his form back and be a great player again? Well, it depends on how his next season with the Lakers turns out. There are a lot of big names in Lakers like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Kuzma. It could be tough for Cousins even to get a proper opportunity to play and showcase his talents.

Position in the Lakers

Lakers Position

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the top two players for the Lakers and no one can get close to them. The Lakers have also made deals with Danny Green, Avery Bradley and re-signed JaVale McGee in their team. It would mean that Cousins will get to play at the 5th or 6th spot and the Lakers won’t treat him as earlier.

Even third tier players like Frank Vogel can be given priority over DeMarcus Cousins because of his post-injury season. It is not sure whether he will be lifted off the bench in the first few games. In such a situation, it could be very hard for Cousins to prove his worth to the Lakers and other NBA teams.

Recovery and Relevance

Recovery and Relevance

DeMarcus Cousins first tore his Achilles tendon and had to sign a medium exception deal with the Warriors. If that was not enough, he again had a quad injury in the last season and the Lakers got him for very cheap. It is very hard to come from such injuries as they have the ability to kill the career of a player.

There are very fewer chances that Cousins can play in the same way after recovering from his injuries. While playing for the Warriors, he had amazing stats for the few matches played. It means that Cousins have the ability to be relevant again and make a strong comeback. In order to do so, he has to perform better in whatever games, he is given chance by the Lakers.