DeMarcus Cousins NBA trade free agency Knicks Lakers Kings Warriors

NBA free agency is in its last days and yet some teams and free agents are not getting good deals. The New York Knicks couldn’t get any star players and the Los Angeles Lakers are still waiting for Kawhi Leonard. On the other hand, DeMarcus Cousins has still not managed to get a good deal from any of the NBA teams.

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While there are many reasons for Cousins having a hard time finding a better deal, he is trying everything he can. As per the latest news reports, Cousins has changed his marketing agent from Jarinn Akana to Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports. There are chances that now he might get a better deal and here are the possible options for Cousins in the free agency.

Possible Trade Deals for Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins NBA trade free agency Knicks Lakers Kings Warriors

Everyone knows that there is a history between DeMarcus Cousins and the team of Sacramento Kings. Around two years back, Cousins was traded to the Pelicans team where he ruptured his Achilles tendon and was again traded out. The only possible option left with him was to accept a minimum $5.3 million deal from the Warriors.

Cousins had high hopes for the next NBA season, but he got injured again and missed most of the NBA games in the playoffs. Experts are saying that DeMarcus Cousins won’t be able to get a good deal this year also, and might have to stoop lower than the Warriors deal. But there are a few teams who knows his potential, and ready to sign him for a reasonable price. The New York Knicks, LA Lakers, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, etc. can easily sign a deal with Cousins.

The Warriors team needs Cousins

Warriors needs Cousins NBA trade free agency

Despite not getting a good deal this year, there is no way that the career of DeMarcus Cousins is over. The Golden State Warriors has lost Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan to the Brooklyn Nets, and are in need of new players.

It is a perfect opportunity for Cousins to prove his worth and get a better deal in the next NBA season. Jeff Schwartz, the new agent of Cousins knows this very well and might negotiate a new deal with the Warriors. It would be smart of both the Warriors and Cousins to stay together for the next NBA season.