NBA Free Agency 2019 DeMarcus Cousins Danny Green Knicks Lakers Raptors trade deal

DeMarcus Cousins, despite getting selected in NBA All-Star team for consecutive 4 times, has no takers. On the other hand, Danny Green from Toronto Raptors is in a lot of demands, after his team won the 2019 finals. Here are the latest trade deal updates on Cousins and Green, and their possible future team,


NBA free agency has been good for some teams and players, and some are having a bad time. The Brooklyn Nets had some amazing deals and landed in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. At the same time, the New York Knicks couldn’t get a single star player in their team and their money is being wasted. The same can be said for the NBA players too, while the main stars already got some good deals, the secondary players are yet waiting.

NBA Free Agency: No Deals for DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins NBA free agency trades deal

DeMarcus Cousins from the Golden State Warriors is having a very bad time in the NBA free agency. The poor guy has suffered a lot physically from his injuries, and now it will even affect his salary. When Cousins was first injured during his time in the Pelicans, he had to resort to mid-level exception deal for just $5.3 million with the Warriors.

It looks now he had to even stoop lower as the same deal will also be hardly available. Cousins was again injured at the start of playoffs and was barely able to make a comeback in the final match against the Raptors. The NBA experts are saying that there is no market for DeMarcus Cousins, no team is ready to make deals with him. Under such conditions, he should stay with the Warriors and try his luck in the free agency 2020.

Danny Green may not wait for Kawhi Leonard

Green Leonard NBA Free Agency 2019 trades deal

On the other hand, Danny Green from the opposite team Toronto Raptors have gotten very famous after the last NBA season. Raptors winning the NBA 2019 finals has increased the value of their players a lot in the free agency. While most of the reports state that Green is waiting for his teammate Kawhi Leonard to take a decision, so he can tag along in the same team.

There are a lot of takers for Green, which includes teams such as the Knicks, Lakers and the Raptors. At the same time, teams such as Dallas Mavericks are even ready to offer Green a max contract. It looks like Danny Green won’t wait anymore for Leonard, and sign with the Mavericks in the first trade offer.