NBA trade Indiana Pacers Ricky Rubio Danny Green

As the NBA free agency has started, there are many teams which are forced to look out for new players. While the main reason is players leaving as a free agent, the Indiana Pacers team have a different reason. Apparently, one of their star players, Darren Collison has taken early retirement.

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The incident has put a lot of pressure on the Pacers team to hunt for a new free agent. There are a few names in their list of potential free agents, and some of which could work out well. Ricky Rubio from the Utah Jazz and Danny Green from the Toronto Raptors are their top choice. Here is how the Pacers can get the new players, and how a deal can be made.

Ricky Rubio is ready for a Deal

Ricky Rubio deal NBA trade Indiana Pacers
Ricky Rubio is one of those names who wanted to continue for his team but turned into a free agent due to lack of a better deal. The veteran point guard though that he will be the number one priority for the Utah Jazz, but he was proved wrong. Angered over the fact, Rubio decided to enter into free agency as an unrestricted free agent.

Since then, the Spanish star has been linked with the team of Indiana Pacers. Rubio will be a perfect fit for the Pacers team, as he can bond well with Victor Oladipo and other players from Pacers. A deal would benefit both the Indiana team and Ricky Rubio, as they need each other in the next season of NBA.

Danny Green is a Good Choice

Danny Green deal NBA trade Indiana Pacers

The fact is the team of Indian Pacers is looking for a champion level player and have their eyes on Danny Green. The two times NBA champion also played a vital role in taking Raptors to the NBA 2019 finals title. Green is a good defender and shooter and has the ability to lead the Pacers team.

The team of Indiana is looking at solid players to put a strong game in the next NBA playoffs. While both Rubio and Green are good players, there comes the question of limited cap space. The Pacers are working on a way so that they can hire both the players and make a solid team.