NBA Indiana Darren Collison replacement Pacers Cory Joseph Ricky Rubio Aaron Holiday

Darren Collison, one of the best players from Indiana Pacers is about to leave the team. While everyone thought that Collison would leave the Pacers to enter free agency, the reason is actually different. It was recently revealed that Darren Collison is taking retirement from the NBA and every other basketball games.

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On Friday, June 28, Collison announced his retirement to the whole world. The reason behind the early retiral is stated as giving time to his family and helping with his religious cause. Collision wants to focus more on his Jehova’s Witness cause and dedicate his life to that. Here is what his teammates are saying and what are the possible options left with Indiana Pacers.

Teammates Reaction on the News

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Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner, two of the other players of Indiana Pacers have spoken on the matter. The teammates of Darren Collison were shocked to hear the news. As per them, they never expected such thing from Collison and thought he would enter free agency along with them.

While Young was kind of shocked from the news, Turner said he will support his friend in every way possible. What’s more confusing about the whole issue is the timing, as it is the time when players are entering into free agency.

Possible Replacement Options for Pacers

NBA Indiana Darren Collison replacement Pacers Cory Joseph Ricky Rubio Aaron HolidayNow that Darren Collison is leaving the Indiana Pacers team, there is no other option than to find a replacement for him. The Pacers were ready to pay Collison a salary of $10 million to $12 million per year. Cory Joseph, the second point guard of the Pacers is entering into free agency as an unrestricted free agent, a deal to re-sign him should be made.

Other names include Ricky Rubio and Aaron Holiday on which the Pacers should focus on. It won’t be easy to replace Collison, but the Indiana team should try their best and make some new deals. There are also a lot of other names in the free agency on which the Pacers should focus on.