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Danny Green joined the Lakers team if Kawhi Leonard announced that he is joining the Clippers instead. As the Lakers needed players to replace Leonard, Green was their first choice as he has also played in the Raptors team. The duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis needed a third star-player, and Green has the potential to do that.

But then again the fans of Toronto Raptors are not happy with the deal as it lowers their chances of winning 2nd NBA title. The same thing happened with Kawhi Leonard when bars and clubs in Canada removed his special access. It looks like Danny Green is also going through the same situation due to the recent incident that happened with him in Vancouver, Canada. Here are the incident details which has made Green regret his new deal with the Lakers.

Danny Green was Robbed in Vancouver

Danny Green Vancouver Free Agency

Recently, Danny Green went to Vancouver city to attend a youth basketball camp. Green revealed to the media that he and his friends were robbed and their belongings were stolen from their car. The thief broke the car of Green and company and stolen a lot of items. It looked like someone knew that it belonged to Danny Green and did that crime because he left the Canadian team.

We lost gadgets, computers, laptops, some camp registry money, and other important stuff in Vancouver. Me and my friends had to walk up on it, and I know it is the worst street in North America. We had no idea there was like a ghetto or hood in Vancouver. I should have never left the Canadian team and moved to the city of Los Angeles.

Lakers Deal of Green

Danny Green Lakers NBA Free Agency

Even though the products lost in the robbery doesn’t matter much as Green $30 million to spend from the Lakers contract. But it means a lot in terms of the psychological way, where one starts to doubt their decision. Danny Green was very excited to join the Lakers and play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Former Toronto Raptor Danny Green says he was robbed outside a Vancouver Airbnb from nba

Also, DeMarcus Cousins has joined the Lakers roster, and the team is looking solid. Now that Green will be moving to Los Angeles City, he has to be more careful as crime rates are very high there. Hopefully, Green plays well in the future NBA seasons and stay safe from such incidents.