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The NBA 2019 draft has now started and it seems a lot of teams are putting up new offers. Recently, the New York Knicks received an amazing offer from the Houston Rockets to trade for Chris Paul. Even though the offer was very lucrative, the Knicks rejected it due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that the Knicks are more interested in Kevin Durant and are trying hard to get the Warriors star player.

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Another thing is that despite Chris is an amazing point guard, he is 34-years old. Paying $160 million for Chris Paul, where he can get injured anytime would be a waste of money. Here are the other trade deals both the Knicks and the Rockets will try to get a better team.

Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard

Kevin or Kawhi NBA Trade News

Kevin Durant going to the New York Knicks was almost confirmed before the player got injured in the 5th Warriors vs Raptors final match. Now there is a fifty-fifty chance that the Knicks will spend money on an injured Durant so that he can play in the next finals.

The other option left for the New York team is to bid for the next big player, Kawhi Leonard. It was Leonard who was solely responsible for the Raptors winning the NBA 2018-19 finals. For his match-winning performance, Kawhi was also named as the MVP of the final match. It makes a lot of sense for the New York Knicks to try to get Kawhi Leonard in their team for the NBA 2019-20 season.

Houston Rockets Deal Issues

Houston Rockets deals NBA Trade News

On the other hand, the Houston Rockets now seem to be in trouble as they have no idea what to do with Chris Paul. The Rockets have been saying to the sports channels that they will not trade their star players and keep the team intact. But now with the news report out that their Chris Paul trade deal was rejected, it has lowered the value for the player. James Harden is the only star player left in the team of Rockets.

As per some reports, the Houston team wants to take Jimmy Butler from the Philadelphia 76ers, but it would cost team them Chris Paul. The Houston Rockets wants additional star players to win the next NBA finals, which mean they will probably trade Chris Paul with the Knicks at a lower price.