NBA Trade Rumours New York Knicks Chris Paul Horoford Lakers

It’s still some time to go before the NBA 2019 draft officially opens, but the wild rumors and speculation are already well underway. Each day it seems we favorites with a new rumor that would completely change the face of the NBA.

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Earlier this week, it was Al Horford and Chris Paul who made the headlines. Reports from Yahoo Sports suggested that the Houston Rockets’ guard wished to be traded following a breakdown in relationship with James Harden. Reports further suggested that Horoford won’t pick up his Boston Celtics player option, and will instead sign a long term contract elsewhere.

And now we have more updates on where this pair will end up.

Chris Paul’s future still a question mark

Chris Paul’s future still hangs in the air. The Houston Rockets have made him available for trade, but it is hard to see any outfit take him and his three years and a $124 million contract.

It seems the New York Knicks are no longer interested in Paul, so they can be crossed off as a potential destination. The Knicks reportedly refused any trade for Chris Paul.

NBA Trade Rumours New York Knicks Chris Paul Horoford Lakers

The LA Lakers are one outfit that could be interested in Paul. They certainly have enough cap space to take in the Houston man, and his positive relationship with LeBron will be a bonus as well.

Horoford to the Lakers

But the Lakers apparently, wish to use their free cap space to land a free agent. And they do have lofty goals- targets such as Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler. If they fall through, they may turn to Horoford.

NBA Trade Rumours New York Knicks Chris Paul Horoford Lakers

But the current favourites for signing Horoford are undoubtedly the Dallas Mavericks. Horoford knows a team willing to pay him $100 million over four years, and that will be his destination.