NBA free agency is taking new twists and turns as more and more shocking trade rumors are coming out. The most powerful names like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving will decide the fate of many NBA teams in the next season. There has been a race among both the New York teams for signing in Durant and the frontrunner is always changing.

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A little while ago the Knicks were favorite for Durant, but it changed to the Nets soon. The same can be said for Kawhi Leonard, both the Los Angeles teams are fighting over him. Here are the latest trade rumors about Durant and Leonard, and their free agency deals.

Kevin Durant and Brooklyn Nets deal

NBA trade Kevin Durant Nets Lakers deal free agency

It is said that Kyrie Irving who has now signed with the Brooklyn Nets for a 4-year deal has managed to convince Kevin Durant for the same. Earlier it was said that the Nets won’t sign an injured Durant and will spend money on active players. But now it looks like this has been changed and the Nets are ready for a deal.

The Brooklyn team will offer Kevin Durant a 4-year deal at $164 million, which is actually much better. It will take almost a year for Durant to recover from his ruptured Achilles tendon, but he will be back for the NBA 2020 finals. The whole deal is a nightmare for the New York Knicks as they were ready to sign Durant for the same.

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Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James Duo

NBA trade Kevin Durant Nets Kawhi Leonard Lakers deal free agency

At the same time, in another shocking news, Kawhi Leonard is planning to sign with the LA Lakers. It is sad news for the LA Clippers and even the Toronto Raptors, who are the original owner for Leonard. It was fixed that the Kawhi wanted to join one of the Los Angeles team and the Clippers were his favorite.

Apparently, Leonard wanted to join the Lakers, but LeBron James was an issue. But now it looks like the players have patched up things and Leonard is ready to support the duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, and Klay Thompson are now the top remaining free agents.

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