Brooklyn Nets NBA trade Kevin Durant injury

Kevin Durant and his free agency deals are getting interesting day by day as the deadline is getting closer. The New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, LA Clippers, and Golden State Warriors have been linked with Durant. The latest reports were saying that Kyrie Irving is trying to convince Durant to play with him in the Nets team.


Even Durant was ready to give it a thought and was interested in meeting with the Brooklyn Nets team management. But the new rumors are saying that the Nets are not interested in any such deal due to their own reasons. Here are the possible deal options for Kevin Durant now in the free agency 2019.

Nets wants active Players

Brooklyn Nets players

It seems that the Brooklyn Nets team has made it clear that they are looking for players who are ready to play in the NBA summer season. There is no way that they will spend money for a player, who can’t even play for the next year. Kevin Durant has ruptured his Achilles tendon and won’t be back on the basketball court for a year.

Hence the money paid to him will go to waste for the first year and there is no guarantee that he comes back like before. The reason why Nets signed Kyrie Irving in the first place is to get active players in the team, which could change their fate in the next NBA season.

Warriors wants Kevin Durant

Warriors wants Durant

It is a perfect opportunity for the Golden State Warriors to get Kevin Durant back in their team. The Warriors would have no problem in paying for an injured Durant and are ready to wait for him.

Kevin Durant also knows that and is maybe secretly waiting for the Warriors to offer him a max deal. A five-year max contract from the Warriors at $220 million is perfect for Durant. He gets a stable career, time to recover and around $58 million extra, which is much better.