NBA Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors NBA trade free agent

There is a two-year-old interview, which shows a relaxed Kevin Durant talking of his environment back then. He goes on to explain that the grew up in an NBA culture with an emphasis on professionalism. Stern methods were used, so that young players like him understood the value of things like being on time, spending long hours at the gym, and so on, he adds. Durant seems quite content with his new club.


Kevin Durant’s Injury Has Changed a Lot of Things

Two years later, things seem to have changed. Perhaps Durant’s view of the Warriors has changed. In fact, in more ways than one, Kevin Durant himself has changed. He knows more about the Warriors and the NBA- he has experienced the highs of back-to-back wins in the Finals and being voted MVP in both, and he has experienced the lows of a season-long injury in the Finals or a squabble with a teammate during a game.

NBA Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is expected to become an unrestricted free agent when the window opens this Sunday. But the big question still remains to be answered- why should he leave the Warriors?

The Warriors have transformed themselves, from a team used to regularly cutting corners to an outfit that is a coveted destination for any player in the NBA. And yet, in all likeliness, Durant will still leave come Sunday.

NBA Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

The problem, as reports suggest, is the organization itself, especially after the injury he sustained in the NBA finals. He returned from injury in Game 5 after consultation with club doctors, and yet, he left the court halfway with a much more serious injury that would keep him out for the entire next season. This was, perhaps, the straw that broke the camel’s back.