Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors NBA trade free agency 2019

It looks ever closer that Kevin Durant will leave the Golden State Warriors soon. And it seems that the All-Star still has some hard feeling over his management, or rather, mismanagement by the franchise. It seems that he is still displeased by the decision to play him against the Raptors in the NBA Finals.


Durant blames Warriors for his injury

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors NBA trade free agency 2019

While fans and teams alike were preparing for the opening of the free agency window this Sunday, Durant was on Instagram, making his displeasure with the Warriors public. He liked an Instagram post by Barstool Sports, which suggest that the Warriors’ incompetence is what caused Durant’s injury and is the reason behind his absence in the 2018-19 season.

Durant was still recovering from a calf injury that he had suffered a few weeks earlier when he reappeared on the court in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. But with just under 10 minutes left in the second quarter, Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon. The injury was feared severe at the time, and the fears were justified. The injury and the surgery that followed it will keep Durant out for the entire 2019-20 NBA season.

Feeling of ‘incompetence’ towards Warriors explains move away

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors NBA trade free agency 2019

The Instagram post, on the other hand, did call Durant, the best player in the world. Perhaps that is the reason he liked it. Or maybe it was the act of someone else who had access to his phone.

Anyway, we do not know anything for sure. But the fact that he seems to be on his way out, away from the Warriors is telling. If he did feel incompetence was behind his injury, then his decision to move on from the Golden State Warriors makes a lot more sense. After all, had he stayed, he could’ve made $221 million over five seasons. And that too in a team that was capable of challenging for the championship.