NBA Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers trade deal free agency

Kawhi Leonard made the biggest trade deal at the end of free agency be leaving the Toronto Raptors team. Los Angeles Clipper signed Leonard for a four-year max deal, along with Paul George. While the deal has made Clippers as one of the top contenders for the next finals, the Raptors will have a hard time.

There are some chances that the Raptors are able to win the NBA 2020 finals without Leonard, but it is very difficult. Hence, the fans of the Raptors team and the residents of Toronto are freaked out and angry over the deal. The popular clubs and hotels are no longer providing free services to Kawhi Leonard. If the Clippers team doesn’t perform any good, Leonard might end up regretting his deal and leaving the Raptors.

Toronto Raptors Fans are Angry

NBA Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers Zanzibar Club

During the last season, when Kawhi Leonard joined the team of Toronto Raptors, he was welcomed by everyone to the city. There was an adult club called Zanzibar Tavern which welcomed Kawhi by offering him free services. But now that Leonard has left the Raptors court, the same bar has removed his access and disbanded the free services.

They have now signed a new board which says, “No more lap dances for Kawhi” and the hate is clear. The people of Toronto were very happy when the Raptors won the first NBA title of their career. Kawhi Leonard leaving the team in such a situation has made it worse and his fans are upset over it.

Kawhi Leonard had a better deal with Raptors

Leonard Raptors Deal NBA trade

One more reason that Kawhi Leonard can regret his new deal in the difference in the contract. The Raptors could have signed Leonard for a max deal of five years at around $200 million. On the other hand, the Clipper was only able to offer him a four-year deal at $142 million.

Even though the duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George has made the Clippers equals with the Lakers, it may end up differently. While the Raptors team had a good thing going and they could have carried it to the next season. Leonard is aware of all that and might be starting to regret his deal, once he realizes that thinks doesn’t always go according to plans.