NBA trade Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard

NBA free agency is halfway and yet the biggest name from the last season has not made a deal. The 2019 NBA finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard has yet not decided which team will he join next. As per the reports, Leonard has met with the Lakers, Clippers and Raptors team for negotiations. While we have no idea which team he will pick, there are not even any leaks on it.


The reason everything is kept a secret because a lot of other players might change their deals if they find out about Kawhi Leonard deal. At the same time, there are some rumors floating around which says that Leonard has made a deal and it is kept a secret. Due to that, there is a huge outrage among the Toronto Raptors fans, who are angry over the star’s decision. Here are the reasons behind the rumors and its effect on the team and the players.

Leak Warning to the teams

NBA trade Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard

While Kawhi Leonard is having a meeting with all three teams, his camp has given a strict warning to the suitors. They have told the Lakers, Clipper and Raptors team management to not share any meeting details with the media. If somehow any information is out in the open, the deal with that team can be terminated.

The specific team can risk losing Kawhi Leonard if the trade deal is leaked out. While in reality, no one is even sure that Leonard has completed all three meetings or what will he do next. But the social media handles had made a rumor out of it, which state that Kawhi Leonard has made a deal outside the Canadian team.

Toronto Raptors Fans are Worried

NBA trade Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard

On the other hand, the Toronto city has been freaked out over the rumors and even the local news channels are showing it. The fans have been out on the streets and surrounded the hotel where Kawhi Leonard is expected to meet with the Toronto Raptors team management.

Our advice to all the readers is not to believe in any such rumors and wait for official confirmation. None of the said leaks or rumors have any truth to them, and they are just baseless. There is no need to panic or lose calm, over any such rumor or news reports. The free agency will end on Saturday, July 6 and before that none of the deals will be considered official.