NBA trade deal Kawhi Leonard LA Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying their best to lure Leonard to sign a deal with them. With each day, Leonard is delaying his deal, the trouble for the Lakers team is piling up. If somehow they are not able to get Kawhi Leonard, there will hardly any good free agent left by the end.


NBA free agency has been great for some teams, while for the others, it is still going dry. The Brooklyn Nets managed to sign up the top two stars, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The New York Knicks, despite their popularity and huge cap space, managed to only get a few average players. On the other hand, the third main star of free agency, Kawhi Leonard is yet to pick up a team.

Here is why the Lakers need Leonard and how his trade deal can go in the free agency 2019.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis

LeBron Anthony Duo NBA trade deal Kawhi Leonard LA Lakers

The Lakers already had the biggest NBA star in the form of LeBron James in their team. While in the last month’s NBA draft lottery, they also managed to land in Anthony Davis. With both the stars playing together, there are high chances that the Lakers could do wonders in the next NBA season. But what the Lakers need is a third-star player to support the James-Davis duo from the other side of the court.

Kawhi Leonard is the perfect fit for the Lakers team, and he together with the solid duo can make a power trio. It is not like the Lakers can’t win with just Anthony and LeBron, there are good chances for that happen. But the addition of a third star in the form of Leonard, almost guarantees them winning the NBA 2020 finals.

Kawhi Leonard future Deals

Kawhi Leonard Deals NBA trade LA Lakers

Even though most of the reports are saying that Kawhi Leonard will strike a deal with the Lakers, it might not happen at all. Leonard is meeting all the three teams, Lakers, Clippers, and his home team Toronto Raptors. It can’t be said for sure that which NBA team he will decide to go next.

Some reports say that Leonard is not interested in becoming a sidekick to LeBron James and hence will avoid the Lakers. There are also hints from his family and friends, which put Leonard in the Clippers team. While the best possible deal for Kawhi Leonard is to go back to Toronto Raptors, so anything can happen. The only thing sure is that the Lakers would have a lot of problems, if the deal with Leonard is somehow missed out.