NBA Trade Toronto Raptors NBA 2020 Finals Kawhi Leonard

The Toronto Raptors lost Kawhi Leonard to the Los Angeles Clippers in the free agency. Leonard was an important part of the Raptors team, and the main reason behind their finals win against the Warriors. It was the same reason why Leonard was named as MVP of the 2019 NBA finals and every team wanted him.

Now that the deals are done and teams are changed, it raises a question about the future of Raptors. It would be a tough season without Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, and the Toronto team knows it very well. But the money saved by the Raptors from the deals can be used to get new players. Here are the future predictions for the Raptors team without Leonard in their team and the possibility of winning NBA 2020 finals.

Raptors still have a Solid Roster without Leonard

Toronto Raptors Roster NBA Kawhi Leonard

Toronto Raptors had never made to the NBA finals before, but in 2019 they created history in Canada. Kawhi Leonard was the main reason why the Raptors lifted the trophy. But the Raptors team has planned for the next season even without Leonard in their team.

Kyle Lowry plays amazing point guards for the Raptors team. Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka are also very good center depth in the team. Pascal Siakam is also a good rookie player that can become an All-Star player in the next season. The Raptors are planning to make a lot of trade deals soon, so that they can rebuild their roster for next NBA season.

Can Toronto Raptors repeat their Title in NBA 2020?

Raptors NBA 2020 Toronto

The Raptors were aware of the fact that Kawhi Leonard might leave their team after the NBA 2018-19 season ends. It is why they preserved their first round picks for 2020-21 and traded all the second round picks to the later years. It will be very hard to win NBA titles twice in a row in absence of Leonard, but miracles can happen.

If the team of Toronto Raptors manages to get new star players and train their already existing players, they might surprise everyone. The possibilities are less but there are still a few chances that the Raptors can win the NBA 2020 finals.