Russel Westbrook Philadelphia 76ers trade deal

The Philadelphia 76ers team lost Jimmy Butler in the free agency and is now looking to rebuild its roster. While Butler went with the team of Miami Heat, the 76ers now lack a star player. At the same time, the Oklahoma City Thunder trades Paul George to the Clippers. Russel Westbrook alone is now useless in the City Thunder team without his partner.

Hence, the team of Oklahoma is looking to trade out Westbrook and get some fresh players. It is a perfect opportunity for the Philly team to join hands with the Thunder team and exchange some player in trade deals. The Philadelphia 76ers are in dire need of someone like Russel Westbrook to be a strong contender for the next NBA title.

Exchange Deals for getting Westbrook

Russel Westbrook Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons is a good player in the Philadelphia 76ers team, but he has lost his edge in the past few games. The All-Star player who is just 22 years old has been unable to properly develop a perimeter game. When Paul George was traded out, the Oklahoma City Thunder got Danilo Gallinari, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and 4 first round future picks.

It means that the 76ers could easily exchange Simmons with Russel Westbrook in a trade deal. The City Thunder had no luck with Westbrook as most of his games were for his own stats and not a team winning performance. Still, the Philly team had to also give their rookie Matisse Thybulle and several future drafts picks in exchange.

NBA 2019-20 Season for the 76ers

Russel Westbrook Philadelphia 76ers

The question remains is that can Russel Westbrook make the Philadelphia 76ers a champion team in the next season? As of right now, Westbrook is 31 years old, which means he can easily play for another 5-6 years. He can be paired with Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris, which will improve the performance of every team member.

Russel Westbrook likes an Instagram post of him in a miami heat jersey from nba

Even though Simmons has better numbers than Westbrook as an individual, but basketball is a team sport and requires group efforts. Westbrook tries his best for his team to win and it is what the 76ers needs right now. There is no guarantee that the Philly team would win the next NBA title, but Westbrook will do everything he can for the team.