Russell Westbrook trades: Hornets, Houston Rockets, Bulls, Cavaliers, Miami Heat and more

    Russell Westbrook NBA trade deal

    This NBA Free Agency window has been one of the most memorable ones in a few years. The window kicked off in spectacular fashion on Sunday, with a flurry of trades taking place is just hours after the window was open. And that trend has carried on in the following days.

    Russell Westbrook trades NBA

    Come Saturday, one would’ve thought that the window was finally done, but no. Another blockbuster move took place- Kawhi Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. And there may be one final big move to go- Russell Westbrook is set to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Russell Westbrook trade NBA deal

    It is time to bring out ESPN’s Trade Machine, and find out which teams can land Westbrook:

    #1 Westbrook off to the Hornets

    That is a decent trade right there! Oklahoma get some young assets that they could use for their rebuild, as well a few first rounders. And Westbrook gets to play under Michael Jordan.

    #2 Houston Rockets get to pair Westbrook and Harden

    In fact, there is actual interest in Westbrook from the Rockets. But just not a substantial one. This trade works out pretty well for the Thunder, though.

    #3 The Bulls land Westbrook

    Not a particularly nice trade for the Thunder, they will be looking for better assets here.

    #4 Westbrook to Cavaliers

    All you see here are expiring contracts, so the Cavaliers may not find this trade as attractive.

    #5 Miami Heat get Westbrook

    Pat Riley has a big array of contracts on his books, so various trade deals could be proposed here.

    #6 The Mavericks land Westbrook

    A trade that the Dallas Mavericks will surely love.

    #7 Westbrook off to Orlando

    Another move for Markelle Fultz, and the Thunder get a decent player in Aaron Gordon as well. An all-round good trade for them.

    #8 Westbrook to DC

    Remains to be seen how John Wall performs post his Achilles injury, but beyond that, a lot of first-rounders in this deal for the Thunder.

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