NBA LeBron James LA Lakers trade deal

LeBron James is no doubt the greatest player in NBA history, but he has lost his edge with time. He had helped teams such as Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers to win NBA final trophies several times. It was the main reason why the Lakers got James in the last season so that he can also do the same as their team.

But contrary to that, the Lakers could not even win enough games for the playoffs in the latest NBA season. The main reason behind the bad performance of James is his old age and injuries. It raises an important question about the big deal between LeBron and the LA Lakers. To sign the deal with LeBron James after his injury is the biggest mistake, the Lakers have ever made.

History of LeBron James’ Injuries

NBA LeBron James LA Lakers trade deal Injury

LeBron James suffered from a groin strain injury in the 2018 Los Angeles Christmas day contest against the Warriors team. The injury was so severe that James had to miss out 17 games and was back only after next January on the basketball court. The fact is James is a big man and very athletic in nature, he is constantly running and dunks much time during a game.

LeBron is the most prone to any kind of injury, which could turn into a huge disaster if not treated. The Warriors lost the NBA 2019 title because Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson got injured during the finals. As for LeBron James, he never had any major injury before, but things have now changed.

Drop in Performance after Recovery

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LeBron James had an average of 27.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 8.3 assists per game even after his injury. The stats are considered decent for other players, but for James, it is below average. The Lakers have to understand the fact that they need James in his prime to win the next title.

LeBron is 34 years old, and they can’t let him keep playing every single game. Player rotation is vital for a man of his caliber at this stage. The team management and the medical team of the Lakers have to plan carefully on the usage of James, to avoid any kind of injury.