NBA trade deal Chris Paul JR Smith Christian Wood

NBA trade deals are currently at a pause as the free agency ended around two weeks ago. It does not mean that a new deal cannot be made at this time, NBA deals are a 365-day thing. Even though most of the players are already traded, there are still a lot of deals remaining.

Lots of new rumors are surfacing about the players which are still not a part of any new NBA team. There are a few All-Star players and NBA champions whose fate is yet not decided. Popular names such as Chris Paul, JR Smith and Christian Wood can be offered new deals in the late free agency.

No Buyers for Chris Paul

NBA trade deal Chris Paul

The Oklahoma City Thunder traded out Russel Westbrook and in exchange got Chris Paul from the Houston Rockets. While the Thunder team was planning to use Paul as an asset to trade in the future, there is no team ready for a deal.

Paul is old, has gotten slow, have attitude problems and have a huge salary amount to be paid. If the Oklahoma City team cannot find a suitable buyer, they will have no option other than let Chris Paul play for the next NBA season.

Milwaukee Bucks is meeting JR Smith

NBA trade deal JR Smith Milwaukee Bucks

The Cleveland Cavaliers refused to extend the contract of JR Smith after a huge drama in the NBA. Earlier reports said that the Lakers might be interested in Smith, but nothing of that sort happened. It is now reported that the team of Milwaukee Bucks has met Smith during the last Thursday. JR Smith is still a great player and can surely take the Bucks to a big win in the next season.

Detroit Pistons to retain Christian Wood

NBA trade deal Christian Wood Detroit Pistons

The team of Detroit Pistons is showing faith in their young player Christian Wood as they are planning to retain him. Wood had a decent average of 19.2 points, 10.7 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in the total of 51 games played in the lasts season. The Pistons could pair Wood with Markieff Morris and Thon Maker, where he can become a team regular if he performs good.