Chris Paul was finally traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder after a week the free agency ended. While the Houston Rockets are now happy that Paul is not a trouble for them anymore, the same can’t be said for the Thunder. The plan was to exchange Russel Westbrook and Paul and then trade out the later to some other team.

But even after trying so much, the Oklahoma City team can’t find a single buyer who wants Chris Paul. The reasons involved are his old age, poor performance and attitude problems with other players (James Harden feud). It means that the Thunder have no other option, but to start the NBA season with Paul/

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Chris Paul and Oklahoma City Thunder

Chris Paul in Thunder NBA trade deal

The earlier report said that the Oklahoma City Thunder is in talks with other NBA teams for a Chris Paul trade. There were reports that Miami Heat who wanted Russel Westbrook might be interested in Paul too, as they want a star player to pair up with Jimmy Butler. But no such deal came to the final stages, and now the Thunder will have to continue the next season with Paul in their team.

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When Chris Paul asks Darryl Morey to not be traded
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It is not like Chris will be playing for the first team in the Oklahoma City, he has done it before too. When he was a rookie player, Paul shifted from New Orleans to the Oklahoma City temporarily due to the hurricane Katrina. As per the latest reports, both Paul and Thunder have concluded that a season together will be beneficial for everyone.

One year Wait for a Deal

Oklahoma City Thunder Chris Paul

The Oklahoma City Thunder team will let Chris Paul play in the next season for several other reasons too. With Paul George and Russel Westbrook out of the team, they have no experienced player. The team of Thunder currently have 8 future draft picks, but until new players are brought, Paul is needed in the team.

Also, it won’t do good to anyone if Paul is just sitting idle on the bench. If Chris Paul plays for the Thunder team and performs well, then the remaining NBA teams might become interested in a deal. Everyone is waiting for December 15, after which the free agents signed will become eligible for a new trade deal.