NBA LA Lakers Andre Iguodala LA Clippers Roster

Los Angeles Lakers have to build up a solid roster for the next NBA season and have the best odds to win the finals. The duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis looks solid and have the talent to beat every opponent. In spite of having too many players on their roster, the Lakers have left their spot empty for Andre Iguodala.

As of right now, Iguodala is under the contract of Memphis Grizzlies. The Warriors had no option other than trading out Iguodala during the free agency. Andre Iguodala is badly needed by the Lakers to beat the Leonard and George duo of Clippers. The Lakers have made a special plan to acquire Iguodala and here are the reasons for that.

Perfect Time for Lakers to have Iguodala

NBA LA Lakers Andre Iguodala LA Clippers Roster Perfect Timing

Lakers suffered from a huge problem in the last season of NBA where it could win enough games and it cost them the playoffs. It won’t happen this year as the conditions are changed. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are recovering from their injuries and won’t be able to play till the next year.

It makes the Warriors and the Nets weak and the Lakers can beat them easily. Philadelphia 76ers have lost Jimmy Butler, Celtics don’t have Kyrie Irving and most of the teams are broken. It is the perfect time to have Andre Iguodala in the Lakers team and they can take out other teams very easily.

Iguodala can foil the plans of Clippers

NBA LA Lakers Andre Iguodala LA Clippers Roster

LA Clippers is the only team that can give the Lakers a tough time because of Kawhi Leonard. Paul George has also joined the Clippers and the duo will be the main rival for the LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the Lakers. The current fight of Lakers vs Clippers is equally balanced but Andre Iguodala can push it in the favor of Lakers.

Iguodala is a great defender who has previously stopped Leonard from scoring. If Leonard is taken out, George alone can’t do much and the Lakers can beat Clippers easily. It is why Iguodala is very important and they will try to make a deal somehow with the Grizzlies.