NBA trade Lakers Andre Iguodala Kawhi Leonard Alternative deal

Los Angeles Lakers are now eyeing for Andre Iguodala as the new star player to join their team. As they were unable to land in Kawhi Leonard, they are now looking for alternatives. To do that, the Lakers have even kept a final spot empty in their roster. The Memphis Grizzlies currently own Iguodala after the free agency.

As a part of the exchange deal, the Warriors team sent Iguodala to Grizzlies and got D’Angelo Russel from the Brooklyn Nets. The Grizzlies have no intention to let Iguodala play and will trade him for the best deal offered. The Lakers have made a smart plan to get in Iguodala as a replacement of Kawhi Leonard.

Replacement for Kawhi Leonard

Replacement for Leonard

One cannot directly compare Andre Iguodala and Kawhi Leonard as both are a different kind of players. But one thing can be surely said, Iguodala is also an experienced name who has been entitled the All-Star title multiple times. The simple fact can judge the ability of Iguodala that the Warriors didn’t want to trade him out.

After Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala was the best player in Dubs team. At the same time, the Lakers intended to use Leonard to team up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. It was the same job for Iguodala in the Warriors roster to support the main stars. He may not be as good as Leonard, but Iguodala can surely help the Lakers to win the next NBA title.

Plans for the Andre Iguodala Deal

Andre Iguodala Deal

The Memphis Grizzlies currently have Andre Iguodala for another year, and they can trade him to any team. Houston Rockets and LA Clipper have already tried, but they refused and asked for more money. The Grizzlies knows his value and won’t trade him out so easily.

In such a situation, the Lakers have thought of a special plan to get Iguodala without dealing directly with the Grizzlies. Iguodala has the option to pay $17.2 million to Grizzlies and become a free agent. The Lakers can compensate him for the amount and sign him with some bonus.