Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Nets

Kevin Durant is one of the best NBA players of the present decade and he made the Warriors lift NBA titles twice in a row. He would have done it for the third time, if not for his injury in the Game 5 of finals against the Toronto Raptors. Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon in the right leg and things totally changed after that. There were many reasons involved and Durant finally left the Warriors and signed with the team of Brooklyn Nets.

The shocking part of the deal was the Nets offering Durant a max four-year deal despite his injury. Whether the Nets were worried about Durant going to some other team or they had confidence in his injury getting healed on time, is kind of up for debate. As per one of the latest fan theory, Brooklyn Nets were assured of the Durant injury to heal in time and here is the possible explanation.

The Right Foot Achilles Relief

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Nets Right foot Achilles

Most of the Achilles injuries are devastating and players sometimes never recover from it fully. But the team of Brooklyn Nets if confident due to the nature of injury and orientation of Kevin Durant. Durant is a right-handed player and such players rely on their left foot for jump and throws.

Luckily, Durant tore the Achilles tendon in his right foot, which means that his gameplay won’t be affected much. Hence, it is speculated that Durant will return better than the other NBA players who have a similar kind of injury. As the left foot of Kevin Durant is still intact, he will be back on the court soon without any issues.

Things won’t be easy for Durant

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Nets Recovery After Injury

Kevin Durant is injured and won’t return to play for about a year and it is fixed. It doesn’t matter much whether the injury was in his dominant leg or idle one, there was surgery and it is what that actually matters. Most of the other NBA teams have taken notes from Durant’s injury and are making sure that the same thing doesn’t happen with their main players.

The bottom line is Durant will never be the same player again despite the type of injury. Durant can train hard, change his gameplay accordingly and come out on top, which is practically possible. Things won’t be easy for Durant after the Achilles injury, but he has to fight it and overcome all the issues.