NBA Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Trade Deal Rumors

Kevin Durant was once the hero of Golden State Warriors, who made it possible to win then back to back NBA titles. Even he would have done it for the third time if Durant hadn’t suffered from an injury in the finals.

The NBA star ruptured his Achilles tendon and had to undergo a surgery which will take a year to recover. It changed the future plans of Durant in free agency and he surprisingly joining the team of Brooklyn Nets.

While everyone was thinking the reason for his desk was the injury or team up with Kyrie Irving, it has been something else. Kendrick Perkins, the NBA player, former teammate and close friend of Durant has revealed the true reasons for the whole issue. Here are the details about the 2018 controversy which lead to Durant leaving the Warriors.

Kendrin Perkins on the Deal Issues

Kevin Durant Warriors Kendrick Perkins Opinion

Kendrick Perkins has been very close to Kevin Durant and was always with him in his ups and downs. Their time at the Oklahoma City Thunder team will always be in his memories. Perkins is fully supportive of Durant and shared his own views on his departure from Golden State Warriors.

Many people were speculating that Durant will join the Knicks, but it was never the case. The possible choices were staying back with Warriors or going to the Nets. When I asked him the reason to join Brooklyn, he explained their way of handling players and dealing with them. After his spat with Draymond Green, he and DeAndre Jordan could not stay in the Warriors anymore. But being a true professional, he never made it show on the court and handled it very well. But he was not able to bounce back from his words fully and hence left the team.

Draymond Green Controversy

Kevin Durant Warriors Draymond Green controversy

There are some who don’t agree with Perkins as it can be regarded as his personal opinion. Kevin Durant was always going to leave Warriors even before the issue with Draymond Green.

For those who don’t know, Green called Durant a bitch in last November for missing out the NBA games. He further added that the Warriors doesn’t need Durant and can easily without him. Those words surely hurt Durant but was it really the reason for not re-signing with Warriors is still in some doubts.