NBA Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant New York Knicks trade deal

Kevin Durant joining the Brooklyn Nets was one of the biggest surprises in the NBA free agency 2019. While most of the reports were stating that Durant will re-sign with the Golden State Warriors, it didn’t happen. Even the news of Durant going to the New York Knicks was proven wrong at the end. The surprising thing here is that Durant himself said that he wanted to go with the Knicks team.

Then why didn’t the deal never saw the light of the day was a mystery until now. The puzzle has been solved as Durant and his manager himself has revealed the reasons behind not joining the Knicks. It was nothing but his Achilles tendon injury, which led to a lot of things and finally his trade deal.

The Achilles Tendon Issue

NBA Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant New York Knicks trade deal Achilles Issue

The finals of NBA 2019 between the Warriors and Raptors could have been different if Kevin Durant was not injured. Durant had a quad problem in the 4th final and yet he was made to play in the 5th game. It leads to his leg getting worse and his Achilles tendon ruptured and he had to undergo a surgery.

The whole issue leads Durant to rethink his decision of joining the team of New York Knicks. Durant was worried that the Knicks might not offer him a max deal and his future will be in danger Also, the medical facilities and the way players are treated is best in the Brooklyn Nets. Hence, Kevin did what a smart person would do, and joined the Nets instead of the Knicks.

Teaming Up Kyrie Irving

NBA Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant New York Knicks trade deal Irving

While health and money are important for a player in the NBA, they also need to win as moral confidence. The Knicks have no big names in them to take the team to the final stages. On the other hand, Kyrie Irving was always planning to join the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin and Kyrie are good friends and can also be a solid duo in the basketball court. It is also the main reason why the Nets are now a future title contender. The chance to play with Irving and a team that has a great future also made Kevin Durant change his decision.