Kevin Durant Nets Deal Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant has been one of the best players in the NBA and the free agency kickstarted with his deal. After so many speculations, Durant finally decided to join the Brooklyn Nets. While so many people think that the reason behind Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors was to join Kyrie Irving, there is much more to it.

Durant suffered from a ruptured Achilles tendon in the fifth final match against the Raptors and it changed everything. Earlier, Durant wanted to go with the New York Knicks but ended with the Nets. Here is the main reason why Kevin Durant went with the Nets and what does Brooklyn team management have to say on the deal.

Kevin Durant on Brooklyn Nets Deal

Durant and Nets

It was earlier reported that Kevin Durant was not happy with how the Warriors team handled his injury. Apparently, the decision to let an already unfit Durant lead to him getting a worse injury and a ruptured Achilles tissue. It made him miss an entire season of NBA which could lead to big problems in the future considering his age. Kevin Durant recently revealed that he was impressed by the Brooklyn Nets as how they treat their players and made his decision.

I love the system and love how you guys play. I see how much hard-working your team is. You were never out of any games in the last season. We could never take you guys lightly and had to join up with your team.

No Play until Injury is Healed

No Play Until Injury

Sean Andrew Marks, the general manager of the Brooklyn Nets team also shared his views on the Kevin Durant deal. The Nets team management was aware that Durant wants to play for them and waiting for a call or meeting. The main reason was that Durant had crossed several teams from the list and that made the Nets a top contender for a deal.

Now that the Brooklyn team has acquired Durant, they are in no hurry to play him. There is no rush, Durant will be given full time to heal his injury and will be back on the court only after he is 100% healthy. Even if it means that he has to miss out the entire NBA 2019-20 season, they won’t risk his health. The ultimate decision will be of Kevin Durant as when he wants to join the team and play.