The Brooklyn Nets have no apprehensions of Kevin Durant and his quality following an Achilles injury. The massive $164 million contract was a big vote of confidence- but beyond that, how it actually came to be is an even bigger sign of the Nets’ belief in Durant.

Years of work behind Kevin Durant signing

Brooklyn did consider Kevin Durant’s injury, they did take into account how severe it was and how it could impair his performances in the future. According to reports, Sean Marks and the medical team at the Nets did watch footage of the injury and did examine various reports.

But after this examination, there was a consensus amongst the people at the Nets that they should go for a max deal for Kevin Durant.

Brooklyn Nets reveal why Kevin Durant was offered Max Deal even after the injury

The Nets had been posturing themselves to make them a splash this summer. Instead of tanking, they actually went to the playoffs this year. That made the Brooklyn Nets a much more attractive destination as a team.

Sean Marks admitted that the Nets had planned for a few years to get the opportunities they had this summer. He further added that he believed in taking chances but only on the right people/players.

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Kyrie Irving convinced by Nets players

Nets even had their players doing a part of their job for them. Their guard, Spencer Dinwiddie, was in touch with close friend Kyrie Irving all season, selling him Brooklyn as a potential future team. Come summer, the Nets were Irving’s favoured destination.

As for Kevin Durant, playing with Irving did hold an appeal for him, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. The Nets went for the star man despite his injury, showing great faith in him, and getting one over their crosstown rivals.

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